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Active Recovery Week + Training Questions | ETP#28

July 27, 2021 Aaron Straker | Bryan Boorstein
Eat Train Prosper
Active Recovery Week + Training Questions | ETP#28
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This week Bryan and Aaron touch base on the tail end of Bryan's Active Recovery week, when to know when something like an Active Recovery week might be beneficial, and other similar forms of this that might inadvertently occur. They also answer 5 questions from Instagram DMs all in relation to hypertrophy training. Thanks for listening! ✌️

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Life Deloading for You
Returning to training post Active Recovery week
Sleeps Impacts on Hunger Levels
Q1. How to decide when to use “Backoff set”  OR “cluster” set or “Rest-pause”
Q2. The ROM debate - Active versus FULL ROM. What do we believe and implement? Why?
Q3. How important is PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD when trying to maintain physique?
Q4. If you’re more sore the second or third day, is there a reason for that? 
Q5. What angle is best for Incline pressing. Is 15-degrees enough?