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July 2021: Instagram Q&A | ETP#26

July 13, 2021 Aaron Straker | Bryan Boorstein
Eat Train Prosper
July 2021: Instagram Q&A | ETP#26
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In this week's episode we provide in-depth answer's to 6 great questions from Bryan's Instagram followers. Before we dig into these we cover our favorite strategies for mixing whey isolate with Gatorade (protein + carbs) and lay the groundwork for an 8 week experiment regarding directly training abs. For the opportunity to get some of your questions answered in a future episode you can reach out to us on Instagram. @aaron_straker and @bryanboorstein Thanks for listening! ✌️

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Mixing Whey Protein with Gatorade?
Ab Training? Necessary? Does it Even Make a Difference?
Q1: Top set + backoff set approach - Is there a risk of pushing the first set too hard if you don’t gauge RIR correctly?
Q2: I Hate Veggies - Is it the same nutritional content if I just put them in a Vitamix with some juice and water?
Q3: What is your training frequency and volume? Is there such a thing as too little volume for a muscle in one session?
Q4: Best way to drop weight without counting macros religiously (i.e. just aim for X split, but don’t weigh)
Q5: Best way to know if I need to cut more to see my abs, or if I’m just under developed? 
Q6: How do volume needs change through the different training ages?