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How to Keep Progress While On Vacation | ETP#25

July 06, 2021 Aaron Straker | Bryan Boorstein
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How to Keep Progress While On Vacation | ETP#25
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After a brief hiatus while Bryan was on vacation we are back talking how to stay on track and not derail progress whilst balancing objective eating, training on vacation and keeping the rest of your family happy. We also weigh-in on the what does training to 1RIR actually subjectively look/feel like and answer how you can approach effectively including partial reps into your training routine. Thanks for listening! ✌️

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Introduction & Updates
30 Days without Caffeine Journey
Weight Changes While Dieting During Vacation
Example of what Balance Might Look Like While Dieting During Vacation
Training on your Vacation?
Bryan's Pendulum Squat Update
Dr. Mike Israetel / Lyle McDonald 1RIR Debate
How You Might Effectively Include Partial Reps
How to Program Long / Mid-Range / Shortened Movements
Modifying Exercises to Lengthen Progression Runway