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Energy Flux + More with Brandon DaCruz | ETP#17

April 27, 2021 Aaron Straker | Bryan Boorstein
Eat Train Prosper
Energy Flux + More with Brandon DaCruz | ETP#17
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This week on the podcast we have Brandon DaCruz. Brandon is an online nutrition coach, executive for the supplement company Innovapharm, as well as an internationally published fitness model. On top of all of this, Brandon spends a lot of time learning his craft and today he shares a lot of that with us. We cover a broad range of topics mostly centered around energy models for successful dieting and keeping the weight off. Both constrained energy expenditure and energy flux models, talk a little bit of training, and even dive into some less often talked about methods for improving your digestion. You will definitely have plenty of opportunities to learn something in this episode.

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Introductions & Life Updates
Higher Energy Flux Model
Constrained Energy Expenditure Model
How Brandon Approaches His Training
Less Common Methods for Improving Digestion