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Dr. Dave Maconi and Abel Csabai | ETP#7

February 16, 2021 Aaron Straker | Bryan Boorstein
Eat Train Prosper
Dr. Dave Maconi and Abel Csabai | ETP#7
Show Notes

On today's episode we have our first ever guests, Dr. Dave Maconi and Abel Csabai. Dave and Abel are both very knowledgable about training and nutrition and have valuable insights regarding each.

Topics Explored:

1. General thoughts on how much the genetic potential of strength and hypertrophy are related?

2. Conjecture on some potential "strength numbers" that genetically average people could expect to hit over a training career.

3. General discussion of epigenetics generation to generation (as well as whether there may be any potential impact from "nurture" throughout early part of life on muscular potential). What have we seen?

4. Training volume: It seems we have all gone from higher volume to a more moderate volume of training over the last few years.

5. Psychology of the “majority of days” being a certain way when dieting. The 5:2 (deficit/maintenance) Bill campbell approach versus a 2:5 approach (steeper deficit/maintenance) or even a 1:6 approach (fasted/maintenance)

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