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Instagram Questions & Answers:2 | ETP#6

February 09, 2021 Aaron Straker | Bryan Boorstein
Eat Train Prosper
Instagram Questions & Answers:2 | ETP#6
Show Notes

In this second Q&A style episode Bryan and Aaron cover more questions asked from their Instagram followers. The questions are a solid balance between training, nutrition, and some  of the differences in how men and women can approach training respective to their physiological differences.

Questions Answered:

  1. If I’m looking to maintain a lean physique but am confused if I’m eating enough or not, is it better to hire a nutrition coach and stick with a basic strength training program or to hire someone who does both nutrition and writes training programs. And if hiring a nutrition coach - are there any credentials one should look out for? 

  2. Can you discuss the reasons and/or benefits of why you train twice daily? Trying to understand it practically, as well as physiologically. 

  3. Please discuss periodization with regards to bulking, cutting, et. What are optimal periods for each?

  4. Why does lifting weight feel heavier/lighter depending on the training day? 

  5. Are training and nutrition principles the same for males/females. Do differences in hormones impact results?

    * The Women's Book Aaron referenced in this episode can be found here.

  6. Resting between single leg movements versus single arm movements; Still need 2-3 min between limbs? 

  7. If you’re eating in a deficit how should your weight training look/feel vs. maintenance eating?

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