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October Instagram Q&A | ETP#130

October 03, 2023 Aaron Straker | Bryan Boorstein
Eat Train Prosper
October Instagram Q&A | ETP#130
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This week is our October Instagram Q&A episode and as always we have a gamut of topics to cover. We detail exactly what we both eat in a day, the optimality of a full body versus body part split training for hypertrophy, the impact on stimulus to fatigue ratio for training near failure or to total failure, how to reduce cardio volume while maintaining the higher level of fitness achieved, and much more.

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Life/Episode Updates
Under what circumstances will training 5x/week get better results than 4x for hypertrophy?
How do you plan on dialing back cardio without losing fitness after the race?
What do you guys eat on a typical day?
Do you think life stress can have much effect on building muscle? What are good training arrangements to counteract?
Does target HR for Z2 decrease when you’re in a deficit compared to maintenance?
Optimal way to start programming integrated partials into a specialization cycle for hypertrophy?
Can a full body program be optimal for hypertrophy or is a split better, and why?
Can you discuss the merits of doing 4 sets of one exercise versus 2 sets of 2 different exercises for hypertrophy? Is there a time and place for both?
What are you looking forward to most post race? More strength work? Less carbs?
Normal for knees to shake on short pos / beginning of eccentric on leg extensions?
How to balance cardio for when we go back to a split routine (Bryan’s program)
How does the pressing angle change relative to the sternum / rib cage for pecs?
Greater fatigue to stimulus ratio going from 1-2 to 0 RIR for isolations vs compounds?