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Minicuts vs. Traditional Cuts | ETP#107

March 14, 2023 Aaron Straker | Bryan Boorstein
Eat Train Prosper
Minicuts vs. Traditional Cuts | ETP#107
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In this episode, we discuss mini cuts versus traditional cuts for fat loss and when might be more appropriate to use each. Mini cuts are shorter-term periods of aggressive calorie deficit, while traditional cuts involve longer periods of time, at a less aggressive rate of loss. We cover the Pros and the Cons for each respective approach, and provide examples of when we’ve used minicut’s with clients in the past and why we might use them in the future. We also discuss how one's age, existing responsibilities, lifestyle, and goals can affect which method is best for them. Give this episode a go for all of our insights on mini cuts vs. traditional cuts for your fat loss.

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Life/Episode Updates
Detailing the Mini-Cut
Reason/s Why Doing a Longer Cut is a Better Approach
Mini-Cut Best Use Cases
Mini-Cut Pros and Cons
Detailing the Traditional “Cut”
Determining Your New Maintenance
Traditional Cut Pros and Cons