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June Instagram Q&A | ETP#72

June 14, 2022 Aaron Straker | Bryan Boorstein
Eat Train Prosper
June Instagram Q&A | ETP#72
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This week we are back with another monthly edition of the Instagram Q&A episode format. This is definitely a favorite recurring format that we will continue to do.

The questions covered this week:

  • Training with slow perfect reps with stretch/contract versus fast explosive reps with more weight?
  • What courses do you feel a trainer should do or the best ways to educate himself?
  • Do you think there is a per-session training stimulus that must be achieved within that given in order to see gains in hypertrophy? For example, is it possible that one could experience faster gains by doing 3 sets in one session rather than 1 set spread out over 3 days of the week? 
  • From a beginner's standpoint, would it be more beneficial to focus on the big lifts? If so, what role would machines and cables play in a beginner's workout plan? 
  • If one’s diet consists of beef/chicken would adding fats from nuts be beneficial? 
  • What are examples of metabolic training?
  • Optimal quad hypertrophy 2x/week programming?
  • After a 12-week cut, is it better to do a maintenance phase or start a lean bulk?
  • Short/intense full-body session almost every day? Like 2 sets per body part in different splits?
  • I like benching for hypertrophy, but seems like everyone on the internet is saying it’s terrible?
  • How do you determine whether the arm path of a given exercise is good or bad and lines up with joints? 
  • Do either of you do one-off consults, or just pay for an hour of your time? 

Thanks for listening! 

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Episode introduction/life updates
Q1) No need to slow down concentric, both styles over time will get you to your goal
Q2) Aaron's unpopular opinion: get your foot in the door with larger organisations then find the best private coaches/organisations and learn directly from them
YES! there is a minimum depending on how hard you're pushing your sets: The low end is around 3 sets and the high end is around 10 sets
Q4) Choose 6 basic lifts that feel good to you: not necessarily barbell movements or isolations. Some machines are just as helpful
Q5) YES! Aaron and his clients follow a high protein diet, including a decent amount of saturated fats as a byproduct adding nuts and other fats that are poly/monounsaturated is also beneficial
Q6) 2 types of metabolic training: systemic (heart/breath) and local (increase work capacity of individual muscles)
Q7) Depending on your volume needs, determines how you spilt it up
Q8) Enjoy the leaner physique: introduce food that supports loss and training for 8-12 weeks and then start a lean gain period
Q9) Full body sessions every day are viable - doesn't mean you need to hit every muscle group every day
Q10) Benching with a barbell is fine if it's your lengthened overload movement
Q11) You have to learn it through an N1 practical/biomechanics course. The best way to line up cable movement is to set your body & cable in line with the path of motion
Q12) Byran offers one-off coaching, Aaron only provides private coaching by application