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When Nuance Might Not Matter | ETP#71

June 07, 2022 Aaron Straker | Bryan Boorstein
Eat Train Prosper
When Nuance Might Not Matter | ETP#71
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This is a bit of a different episode. We take a devil’s advocate stance to where nuance simply might not matter. It’s an introspective conversation exploring the simple question of, “What if this all doesn’t actually lead to more hypertrophy?” That question becomes an interesting conversation for sure.

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Episode introduction/life updates
Isolation movements that are lengthened overloaded
How to progress these movements as a hybrid - short & lengthened
Shorter overload movements: Grinding out reps versus going to nill ROM with no grinding
Sleep, nutrition, labwork, stress management and life fulfilment help stay engaged with training
Opportunity cost vs. trade-off