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Updates Galore | ETP#69

May 24, 2022 Aaron Straker | Bryan Boorstein
Eat Train Prosper
Updates Galore | ETP#69
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Today’s episode is jam-packed and full of updates. It’s been a few weeks and there has been a lot going on between Aaron heading to the other side of the world, Bryan breezing through his diet to previous diet low weigh-in numbers and a brand new hypertrophy cycle. The episode is sprinkled with insights of self-reflection, training realizations, and an aside about when dieting may actually be good for you?!

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Episode introduction/life updates
Aaron moves to Bali & loving how easy it is to live a healthier lifestyle there!
Bryan feels better at a lower body weight
The value of getting your blood work done!
Bryan explores various ways to redistribute fat stored in his hamstrings
Cool tubs & saunas - the quickest way to recover & gain!
Aaron hires a coach for personal training and nutrition
Bryan is the 2nd week into hypertrophy - two rotations into one microcycle
Final thoughts: Start videoing your exercises to help improve progress