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Going From Advanced to Elite | ETP#68

May 10, 2022 Aaron Straker | Bryan Boorstein
Eat Train Prosper
Going From Advanced to Elite | ETP#68
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Today we have Alberto Núñez on the podcast and we have a follow-up episode to last week’s episode talking about going from Advanced to Elite. Berto is a professional natural bodybuilder and one of the head coaches at 3D Muscle Journey. He provides us with some of his personal and coaching insights into what physical and mental commitments are required to really push yourself to the next level.

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Episode introduction/life updates
Berto comes back from the longest anti-body building phase
What would be Berto's way of describing Intermediate and Adv? Rate of progression primarily?
Consequences of nerding out of the sport of bodybuilding
How to save reps & sets by adapting the routine
Berto talks about his carb-cycling strategies
The importance of lighting in photos during stage-prep and progress
Berto does contest prep without tracking calories
Define success and go beyond just merely “trusting the process”