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Going From Intermediate to Advanced| ETP#67

May 03, 2022 Aaron Straker | Bryan Boorstein
Eat Train Prosper
Going From Intermediate to Advanced| ETP#67
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What are the key factors to break past the intermediate lifter phase? It seems that many get stuck in the lifetime intermediate stage. So, how do you go from intermediate to advanced?

In today’s episode, we break down this very question. We approach this question from various aspects both inside and outside of training. In addition to providing our personal anecdotes which have helped us breakthrough that intermediate plateau. We also provide some of the pitfalls of why some never do.

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Episode introduction/life updates
Aaron opens up 5 more spots in his Coaching Capability Program (DM him directly for more info)
Bryan is 'finally' out of systemic metabolic & shifting into local metabolic
Bryan talks about his two journeys from int to advanced (pre- Xfit / post - Xfit and into hypertrophy)
Consider the rate of progression, not the time you've been training to determine beginner - int. - advance
Becoming advanced is probably more about the mental capacity than physical!
The shortcut to becoming advanced: your desire to train needs to be more a priority than Happy Hour after work!
Consistency is also key from level to level!
Recovery has to get prioritized!
Be more open to exploring what works for you, don't just rely on previous studies or methods!
Small wins are KEY to getting advanced!
Take the selfie, and video record your progress and gain tangible feedback
Failure, challenges and difficulties are all apart of your growth towards getting advanced.