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Endgames| ETP#66

April 26, 2022 Aaron Straker | Bryan Boorstein
Eat Train Prosper
Endgames| ETP#66
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This week on the podcast we get into some recent updates for Bryan’s end of systemic metabolic training as he shifts into a local metabolic phase. Aaron shares a (likely) final update on his lower back injury. Then the conversation shifts into our respective “Endgames.” The short, medium, and long term goals for our times spent in the fitness industry at large, and what we hope to provide back to a space that has given us both so much value in our lives.

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Episode introduction/life updates
Bryan reveals more about the events he has hosted and what's coming up in the near future
Aaron explains why his main goal is to improve the quality of the coaching space by coaching coaches in their own physical & nutrition journey.
Bryan talks about a retirement goal, which is to write a book - similar to how John McCullum wrote Keys To Progress.
Educating the community about the importance of investing in your health (physical, mental and nutrition)
Bryan continues to refine his training methods to cater for the masses
Aaron's ultimate endgame goal is to educate & give as much valuable information as possible to the everyday lifter through his self-coaching community.
Another goal on Bryan's radar is creating a product-based business for the every-day lifter to improve progress. For example, 90 angle grips and heel edges.
Bryan is considering going back to school and completing a Phd - the correlation between training and science